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It's more than a store...

A place to gather, to game, to share ideas and find community in a world that doesn't always get us geeks...

Since our inception in March 2017, the enthusiasm and joy we've experienced from the Sebastopol gaming community has been overwhelming.

As most people know, making a brick and mortar gaming and comics store sustainable is a huge undertaking. Breaking even by the third year is considered a success. Operating a store like this is a labor of love and service.

Some of our committed community members have expressed interest in helping sustain us in our first year.

We've humbly created the "Patrons of Geekery" guild - a core group of community gaming supporters who offer a small amount each month in order to subsidize the gaming tables and staff required to provide this haven for the geeks of Sebastopol.

Patrons enjoy our undying gratitude and 5% off all purchases. We also provide patrons an opportunity for first access on new releases and specials. Patrons who wish to be acknowledged will have their name displayed in the Nest with our other founders.

Here's to the Nest being an enduring Sebastopol institution!